Sleeps 2 people (20m2)

From : €75

"There is no bird that could fly so high, as a heart can go..."

Mellin de Saint Gelais

The most spacious of our guest rooms.

A pretty traditional parquet floor, and a joyful atmosphere among the birds,...

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Sleeps 2 people (18m2)

From : €75

"The man looks at the flower, the flower smiles..."

Koan ZEN

With its old parquet floor and flowery decoration, this guest room offers a lovely view of the swimming pool and the river.

You will enjoy a...

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Sleeps 4 people (45m2)

From : €120

“The water always goes to the river…”

French proverb

Enjoy the view of the small Clain waterfall which bathes the mill.

Our suite offers you 2 charming bedrooms, separated by a living room.


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Sleeps 4 people (120m2)

From : €93

The Cottage of the mill

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